April 12, 2014

Truth & Mutresse Giveaway !

I started to think about giving something back to my readers so that made me think to a giveaway contest. I tought maybe I should wait for a special day like bloggaversarry or rezzday but everyday is a special day when I see my blog growing so beautiful. 

I went to buy gift cards from two of my favorite stores, at Truth because each girl needs gorgeous hairstyle and Mutresse a store I can't praise enough about their awesome mesh clothes and shoes,one of my favorite in Second Life. I have one Truth Gift Card with 500 L$ and one Mutresse Gift Card with 500 L$ for one lucky winner. 

All you have to do to enter this contest is to leave a comment bellow with your name and tell me what do you like/dislike on my blog or what would you like to see more in the future on Cosmopolitan. 
It is a symbolic prize but I will try to do this from time to time to show you my gratitude and my love. 
To be fair and square to each participant I will input the names on http://www.random.org/lists/ and on Sunday, 20th April the site will choose a winner. 
This giveaway is my first and so far it makes me very happy and excited !
Also you can like my Facebook Page ( it's not mandatory ) or maybe add me on any of my social media pages to get to know eachother better:

With love, Roxi Bluewood !

April 11, 2014

Live sourrounded by what and who you love !

I got a message from Turnip's Homes wich I am happy to share with you guys so listen up: "Everything in-store(in-world only) is 25% off!  This includes my Skydome 2.0 base package as well as all of the texture collection add-on packs! This is the first time my skydomes have ever been discounted!!!  Even new releases like my Every Season Birch Trees and record cabinet are 25% off! The sale will last only one week! April 11th-18th. " - Turnip Sorbet.

I love Turnip for creating the Skydome and I already had Winter Collection Textures but in less then 5 minutes after reading the notecard I was down the store buying Fall Collection Textures and Every Season Birch Trees. Unfortunatelly this message came after I already did this photos I am going to post bellow so I can't really show you the trees and the textures for my Skydome that I bought. I advice you to go take a look at the store and maybe you can find other interesting home&decor stuff on sale beside what I told you about. 

In this home & decor post I used Scarlet Creative's ' Work Live Loft Skybox ' that was at previous Collabor 88 event. It was cheap, indeed. Only 88 L$ but I would have payed a lot more for this home, it is one of my favorites and I just feel very cozy and a lot like home. 

Glam Affair Cleo - America
Glam Affair Cleo - Lipstick No. 6
Magika Tendency 
*Mutresse Nadya Tank Top @Fameshed
*Mutresse Guzla Shorts @Fameshed
Ingenue Pandora Flats - Sepia Slink Add-on
Slink Mesh Flat Feet & Casual Hands
*Izzie's Toenails & Fingernails Applier

*Sway's Tuari Bench - Foliage
*Sway's Heart Bistro Chair - Aqua
*Sway's Heart Bistro Table
*Sway's Heart Birds Bird Bath
*Sway's Heart Garden Arch
*Sway's Paper Lantern Blossom
*Sway's Zwerg Garden Gnome
*Sway's Zwergin Garden Gnome
*Sway's Build A Yard Kit
What Next Garden Broom Decor
*Cheeky Pea Salcombe Planter
*Cheeky Pea Solja Hideaway Picture Hanger
*Cheeky Pea Solja Hideaway Travel
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Dragonfly
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Bric-a-Brac
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Firepit
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Log
Lark Manchego Cheese
Lark Tomatoes
Lark String Beans
Lark Organic Coffee
Floorplan Book Clutter
Floorplan Boho Ivy Planter - Terracotta
*Breno Ace lamp
Tres Blah Spring Living Pillow - Paris
Tres Blah Spring Living - Daisies
Seven Emporium Gasoline Can
*Trompe Loeil Kumotori Grass
*Trompe Loeil Kumotori Banzai - Green
*XIAJ x ZZANG Postman Bike - Pink RARE
*XIAJ Parcel
*XIAJ Youxiang - Navy
The Secret Store My Lil Fawn - Toffee

*Cheeky Pea Bremen Shower
*Cheeky Pea Bremen Screen
*Cheeky Pea Bremen Vanity
*Cheeky Pea Bremen Scale
*Cheeky Pea Bremen Lamp
*Cheeky Pea Salcombe Rug
Second Spaces Bathroom Clutter - tray of accessories
Tres Blah Spring Living - Pillow
Tres Blah Bon Voyage - Stacked Suitcases
*Trompe Loeil Vintage Vanity Lipstick
*Trompe Loeil Vintage Vanity Hairbrush
*Trompe Loeil Vintage Vanity Makeup Brushes
*Trompe Loeil Vintage Vanity Nail Polish
*Trompe Loeil Vintage Vanity Mascara Tube

*Cheeky Pea Bennet Chaise Dark
*Cheeky Pea Bennet Mirror Dark
*ConsignmentCheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Chocolates
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Pillow
*Trompe Loeil Candle Fireplace Tile With Drape
*Trompe Loeil Ines Weave Screen Natural Illustrated
*Trompe Loeil Ines Triangle Plate Decor - Mahogany
*Trompe Loeil Ines Coffee Table - Natural
*Trompe Loeil Ines Chair Berry
*Trompe Loeil Ines Wall Fountain
*Trompe Loeil Funky Ceiling Fan Light - Pink
*Trompe Loeil Kumotori Flower Arrangement
*Trompe Loeil Trunktable Red Leather
*Trompe Loeil Framed Art Gray Eyechart
Floorplan Mr. Darcy Print 0 - 1 L$
Floorplan Reader Print 0 - 1 L$
*Mango Cheeks Two Turtle Doves Wall Hanging
*Oyasumi Funnel Candle Tall - Gold
Tres Blah Spring Living Radio - Beige
Tres Blah Spring Living - Daisies
*Fanatik Rug
*Atelier Visconti Vanite' Alarm Clock

*Cheeky Pea Saul's Bed
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Quiet Night Rug
*Consignment & Cheeky Pea Dragonfly Garden Pillow
Floorplan Books 0 - 1 L$
Floorplan Always Print 0 - 1 L$
Floorplan Heels Print 0 - 1 L$
Floorplan Abbey Road Street Sign
Tres Blah Spring Living Pillow - Paris
*Trompe Loeil Ladder Shelf White + Books
*Trompe Loeil Kumotori Flower Arrangement
*Trompe Loeil Ines Floor Lamp Tan Diamonds

March 28, 2014


Skin Fair is closing it's virtual doors in two days so make sure you checked all stores because there are a lot of designers with gorgeous creations. One of my favorite is Bjork from My Uglydorothy, when I try a skin the first thing I look at are the eyebrows and lips so you may ask why eyebrows? Because as in RL some good shaped eyebrows can change the entire look, and lips? oh well I think I have a thing for lips. Of course after that I check other details such as tone, blush and overall look. 

For this pictures I wanted to keep them clean and simple that is why I chose to take them on a white background. Till now I didn't use textures for my studio but I want to find some good colours because sometimes I get so busy in RL and the only way I can create a new post is by taking pictures in studio as it is a faster way because at sims I crash a lot before I can take a good photo. If you guys know a good in-world shop or websites were I can download let me know. 

I love this sheer blouse from Motiame, the only thing I wished for is to be easier to match with other pants or skirts, unfortunately it works only with the matching plated skirt. I tried a few options and I couldn't make it look good. This skirt is cute but I wanted something else, but overall I am pleased.

Song Sweety - Ivy Eyes @Kostum9
Truth Colbie
Motiame Sheer Blouse & Flared Skirt - Black @Kostum9
fri.day Diana Heels - Black Slink Add-On
LaGyo Mollie Earrings - Gold
Slink Mesh Medium Feet & Hands
Imeka Poses

March 22, 2014

The Sexual Meme by Strawberry Singh

I read Berry's blog religiously and love her memes even if I can't participate in all because of my hectic schedule. Of course the pictures I am sharing today aren't sexy or related to this meme but I will answear the questions Berry asked us. I read her answears and I have to say I used to think she is more conservative but I love to discover such an open minded girl.

My favorite things this week? Be skin from Fake wich is available at Skin Fair, U.F.O & B.C.C kind of boyfriend ripped jeans from past Collabor 88 and L.Warwick's  lovely platform wedges on copper.
For this outfit I wanted to add a little sweetness and I chose Izzie's Butterfly jewelry set available at The Boutique, one of The Liaison Collaborative's events.

The sexual meme !

1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – I am heterosexual but I often have fantasy with women and I would love to give a try if I wouldn't be in a relationship.

2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. – I am not sure how to describe but I have a thing for lips and of course self confidence is the sexiest attribute.

3. Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? – I used to be promiscuous, and as I mentioned before I am in a relationship but that doesn't mean I am not allowed to look and from time to time I have fantasy with other men. But that's it now :D

4. What turns you on? – I think a proper atmosphere can turn me on. 

5. Are you dominant or submissive? – Submissive.

6. Are you into sexual roleplay? – I tried in SL a couple of times, once was amazing but I am not that into roleplay. I feel awkard and I think I suck at it. 

7. Which sexual position is your favorite? – On top, with the back at my partner.

8. Do you have any fetishes? – Nope.

9. Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? – No, because I am little insecure.
10. Do you consider yourself sexy? – Sometimes yes, sometimes not. 

*Fake Be - Olive @Skin Fair
*Fake Evalina Lipstick - Velvet Red
Redgrave Elemental Lashes
*Song Sweety Eye - Ocean @Kostum9
LaViere Heidi - Muted Ombre
*Pumpkin Streched Sweater - Brown
UFO Point Damage Vintage Denim - Indigo
*Izzie's Butterfly Jewelery - Creme @The Boutique
*L.Warwick Europa Slingback Platform Wedges - Copper Leather Slink Add-On
Slink Mesh Medium Feet & Hands
*Imeka Poses Juice Poses @Kostum9  ( little Animare edit on left hand )

March 7, 2014

Little Red Dress !

First of all I want to say something: My name is Roxi Bluewood and I am an addict, it has been over 2 weeks since I am wearing the same hairstyle. I am addicted to Maleficent from Lelutka and I can wear it with everything. Also last night Tres Blah and Lark left me almost pennyless and I hope I will have enough time to show you in a future post how many stuff I bought. Till then I am leaving a list with my doubles and what I need from The Arcade.

What I have for trading or selling:
Lark - Organic Coffee, String Beans, Tomatoes, Manchego Cheese, Market Bag Lemons, Market Bag Oranges.
Tres Blah - Spring Living - Romance, Pillow Paris, Daisies, Vintage Books.
Pixel Mode - THG Empty Sack, Seedling.
What Next - Kitchen Broom.

What I need to buy or trade (I am not paying more then the actual price from The Arcade):
Tres Blah - Wired Heart, Clothes Line.
Lark - ( I will update this list later today )

I love this gorgeous dress from Mutresse that is available at Fameshed and Maggie heels from fri.day are just perfect. This dress is called Stilna and it comes with a HUD to change colors. What can you expect from a Mutresse product? Great quality with many features at a reasonable price, I belive anyone can afford this products. Nude is one of my favorite colors in mather of accesories because it works with everything and is so easy to match that is why I chose this perfect fri.day add-on heels and LaGyo Matilda set of necklace and earrings wich are also on a nude base with little precious stones and pearls. 

For this photos I used Strawberry Singh's free Photo Studio. It is 100% mesh and you can change colors, white,black,green and grey, also in the package you will receive a posestand, a simple stand pose and a notecard with instructions. Thank you Berry for this awesome gift !

Glam Affair Cleo - America
Redgrave System Eyes - Stone
Redgrave Elemental Eyelashes
Lelutka Maleficent - Sweeden
Mutresse Stilna Dress @Fameshed
LaGyo Matilda Set
fri.day Maggie Heels - Nude Slink Add-on*
Slink Mesh Hands & High Feet
Izzie's Nails Appliers*
fri.day Sour & Profile Poses*